Wrecking Balls

wrecking Ball

Harper aware of some of Fords vices


Photoshopping for Mos

Huck Farper


I feel like a dancing monkey, photoshop damn it photoshop.

The After the Pipe Dream trailer

After the Pipe Dream

Harper on train disasters and the environment

Harper on environment

Lets play where did your daddy work

What did your daddy do

Click to play

Apparently pipelines leak

Pipelines leak

Oil Oil Blah Blah Oil Oil Blah Blah

Tundra Oil

In the end they are all just..

If you are offended, pretend you didn’t look…   (more…)

The chatter attack

Just a passing thought

Just a passing thought

Harper’s Canada

Harper's Canada

Harper’s Canada


Canada's golden tar bubble

Canada’s golden tar bubble


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