us and them

This started out as just a picture depicting life in a recession, loosing your job, the humiliation of collecting EI, depression, increased drug use, alcohol, spousal abuse etc. and then Harper started his Canada will recover routine and we need to start easing back on the stimulus programs that were less that three months old, so I added the political crap on the right.
As a reminder, Baird spent most of the recovery money (other than the banks, & auto industry bailout) building or refurbishing hockey rinks across rural Canada (photo op pork barreling) while Kenny as Immigration was spreading his share of the barrel to ethic community groups, so much so that it was leaked that some caucus members were calling him Currie Kenny, you know your typical racist reformatory humor. Flaherty, Johnson holding the robe and of course Harper are self explanatory.
Corel Painter with tablet, ran through Comic Life, probably eight hours over two weeks.

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