Sarah Palin Pre-Election Badges

Jymn at Let Freedom Rain had good and somewhat reassuring post last week about how we, the progressives should not fear Sarah Palin, but instead pity her.

Americans are not stupid…. when Sarah Palin actually becomes a certifiable candidate, they will open their eyes in horror and vote for the other guy…

So I originally thought that I would hasten that awakening by creating Sarah Palin pre-election badges and with humor, I could expose the ignorance of throwing one’s support behind the darling of the rabid, racist, religious, rabble, that makes up the right wing fringe in America.

Except, when even my most absurd renditions, when placed on the canvas, look like they came directly from the belly of a bagger, I think there is more horror than humor when dealing with Palin and in this painting.

Half of my customers are American small business owners and I talk to ten or twenty a week. They are pissed and they blame Obama. They might not vote for Palin, but they just might not vote.

As Jymn reminds us Obama leads Palin by 8 per cent.

Media: Corel Painter, Bamboo tablet, Adobe Photo Shop , 8 hours

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Pre-Election Badges

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    1. WS

      Good to see one of Canada’s unrecognized treasures being highlighted on your site. I would rather see the American voters elect Samantha Bee.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    1. Hi CK,

      LFR linked your post in his article. It appeared that you were on opposite sides about the intelligence of US voters. I tend to fall on your side of this argument.

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