4 thoughts on “The Legacy

  1. hi FFIB…I disagree with Scott. I think this is BRILLIANT. Do people not realize how angry future generations are going to be with us for torching the planet with our greed? I think they will smash our vain stones, and use our bones for manure… šŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Simon. Originally the only text was going to be the date and the longitude/latitude and then let the viewer make their own story line based on their own visceral views of the visuals…

      speaking of which… “smashing our vain stones to use our bones” , LOL.

  2. I saw where this was going and thought, “Wow this is really great,” then I saw the concluding juvenile phrase and was disapointed. If you had chose something other than “piss on you” it would have had far more appeal and would have entertained more than a bunch of 14 year olds.

    1. Good insight. You know I had trouble with that phrase also. Maybe just left it at “for what you did not do”‘ and let the picture finish the line, but shit I am juvenile and just couldn’t resist.

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