4 thoughts on “Meanwhile on the tory campaign plane

  1. hi FFIB…thanks for the info. I’m too poor to own a mac, but if I stop smoking for a few days, I might be able to afford the PC version. Of course, then there’s the artistry, and I fear that may be even harder… 😉

    1. Simon, I prefer art that generates a reaction which is why I always look forward to yours and you should quit smoking anyways or at least start buying from the reserves:)

  2. hi FFIB…wow. Your cartoons are sooooo great, just BRILLIANT. I love that look and your dry wit. I would like them even more if I wasn’t so green with envy. 😉
    Please keep it up. More…. more…. please.

    P.S. What font do you use for your blurbs?

    1. I’m running the jpgs or pngs thru Comic Life, an app from Plasq.com, that came free with the Mac. using their custom Fonts for the headers and just regular Didot for the bubble text. But it is really the way Comic life handles the fonts. They now have a PC version also about $30 and thanks for the kind words.

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