In the at least he’s not a Senator file:

King Anbdullah of Jordan responses to the Harper’s appointment of his body guard as the Ambassador to Jordan with a new appointment of his own.


There is a bright side for Canadians, in that we do not have another Harper appointed senator and for also Fayez, as he now avoids the compulsory stoning from the unfortunate back up in the number 15 washroom last weekend.

One thought on “In the at least he’s not a Senator file:

  1. Roman historian Suetonius claims that mad emperor Caligula appointed his favorite horse, Incitatus, to a seat on the senate and attempted to appoint it to the position of consul, that senator Incitatus would also “invite” dignitaries to dine with him, and had a house with full complement of servants to entertain such guests.

    Given Harper’s recent appointment of his favourite RCMP bodyguard to the role of new Canadian ambassador to Jordan, one wonders what further diplomatic appointments await Harper’s gardener and cook.

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