2 thoughts on “The Prime Minister’s reputation preceeded him to China

  1. .. Excellent .. as always ! Aint that ‘legacy’ appropriate .. ? The closet queen, Harper.. wish we knew if Ray Novak or Jenni Byrne squeezed in there with him during the Ottawa attack..

    1. For someone who does everything for political motives, hiding is such a no win move.

      If gunman had entered their caucus room and started spraying rounds, how would you ever justify hiding while others were shot.

      As a leader, as their leader how you could not have risen to the challenge of the situation, delegating the younger stronger to prepare to the rush the assailants or move the women to the back or place them in the cupboard.

      The excuse that his aides talked him into it is BS. A real leader would not have done that.

      Novak and Byrne were most likely the ones that lead him to the cupboard. They appear crazy enough to believe that his life was more important than the lives of everyone else in the room.

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